2 piece Combo $8.00

3 piece Combo $10.00

4 piece Combo $12.00

5 piece Combo $14.00

6 piece Combo $16.00

House wings with your choice of sauce!

Fresh from the grill

Savory beans made with our signature bbq sauce and bacon!

Mac & Cheese $3.00

BBQ Beans $3.00

Corn on the Cob $3.00

Chips $1.00​

delicious Sides and Fixin's

We have ribs, chicken, mac n cheese, delicious beans, corn on the cob, killer salads, chicken wings, 1/2 pound black angus burger and our 12 oz Mama's Chili!

Choose between our delicious sides!

You wont be disapointed

Burger and Chips $8.00

5 Chicken Wings $6.00

10 Chicken Wings $10.00

12 Oz Mama's Chili $6.00

Garden Salad $8.00

1/2 lb. Black Angus Burger w/ lettuce, cheese, tomato and onion!

House wings with your choice of sauce!

​Delicious buttery corn on the cob!

Your choice of ranch or balsamic dressing!


Creamy mac & cheese made with

real cheddar!

Proud home of the wild west barbecue!

Amazing deals on great food!

Add cheese and onions!

Amazing deals



(Each combo comes with your choice of meat and a side. For example 3 meat combo can be 2 chicken 1 rib or 2 ribs one chicken ect.